• Ana Lehaci

Welcome to my new Homepage!

Follow me, as I travel the world with my kayak.

Me with one of my favourite boats.

Let me just say "Hi" and thank you for stopping by my page and taking the time to read this. If you've already had a bit of a look around, you probably know that I'm an athlete. This means on my page you'll read and see a lot about me and my sport, which is flatwater kayaking. Flatwater means I'm racing on calm waters against several other people at the same time. I'm NOT going down waterfalls, cause let's face it, that's scary. :P I'm currently in a K2 (boat with two seats) with my partner Viktoria Schwarz and we are training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. If you wanna keep up with us, see how and where we train, what events we are at and how we are doing on the competition circuit, follow me, here or on one of my Social Media accounts.



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